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3 Ways to Strengthen Relationships with Human Resources Partners

Over the last 10 years, I’ve talked with many healthcare leaders about their attempts to hold employees accountable for professional behavior. When they FINALLY decide to terminate an employee because of disruptive behaviors, they hit a brick wall in the Human Resource Department. HR often tells them that they don’t have enough evidence to support termination or haven’t counseled the employee enough. However, it’s not always HR’s fault. I’ve talked with a lot of HR representatives…


How To Protect Yourself From The Chronic Complainers

Have you ever worked with someone who complained constantly? I bet you have.  I remember a small group of nurses on the first unit I ever worked. These nurses would spend their time complaining about EVERYTHING! They were unhappy with administration, the food in the cafeteria, their coworkers, and of course, their pay.   It wasn’t like they just said a comment here or there – no, they complained EVERYWHERE – in the break room, in the cafeteria, and especially at the nurses’ station. This group of nurses…


5 Conversation Starters to Stop the Cycle of Nurse Bullying

Everyday of my life, a nurse reaches out to me asking for helping regarding a bullying situation. Seriously – EVERYDAY! When I check my email in the morning, I usually have at least 1 – 3 messages from nurses via my website, social media platforms, or through an email message. I can almost feel their pain as I read their stories of bullying by their colleagues – the colleagues who are supposed to support them. In…


The Difference Between Bully Targets and Bully Victims

73% of all nurses report experiencing bullying or witnessing bullying by their nurse colleagues.  Knowing that there are approximately 3.1 million nurses practicing in the United States, more than 2 million of us have experienced or witnessed bullying by our colleagues. We are hemorrhaging good nurses because of nurse bullying – leaving us left with the bullies! Good nurses are leaving the profession because of the physical, emotional, and psychological impact bullying has on a person….


Speaking Up Against Workplace Bullying Can Get You Fired. ENOUGH!

Nancy couldn’t take it anymore. She had silently watched Rachel, the charge nurse, sabotage, intimidate, and torture any nurse she didn’t like. Everyone was afraid of Rachel – even the manager. But when one of the newer nurses, who had a ton of potential, quit because of Rachel’s bullying, Nancy had had enough. She filed a formal complaint with her manager and the director from Human Resources.   2 weeks later, Nancy was called into the…

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