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5 Ways Novice Nurses Can Stand Up to Nurse Bullying

Nurses Can Stand Up to Nurse Bullying

Nurse bullying has been in existence for a long time and although there are a lot of theories behind why nurses “eat their young” and what bullying looks like, not a lot has been done to stop it. One of the reasons that this issue has gone on for so long is because we accept bullying behavior as the norm. We tolerate or try to ignore the crusty, mean nurses who seem to find great joy…


Are You a Boiled Frog? How to Un-Normalize Deviant Behavior in Healthcare

Deviant Behavior in Healthcare

“When I was signed up for this course I thought, ‘Oh great. Why do I need to take this? We don’t have bullying in my workplace anyway.’ Boy was I wrong. I learned so much. Most important: bullying wears many faces.” A participant in my online course, Eradicating Bullying & Incivility: Essentials Skills for Healthcare Leaders wrote the above comments on her evaluation. When I talked with her during our one-on-one coaching session, she shared that…


4 Reasons Why Kindness is Good for Your Work Culture

be kind

I received a gift today… a gift of kindness. It wasn’t expected or asked for; wasn’t on my wish list or under a tree. It was a kind word, a gentle spirit, a voice sharing her thoughts and validating mine. What an awesome gift. As I sit to write this afternoon, I keep reflecting on this gift. You’ve all probably heard about ‘random acts of kindness’, ‘pay it forward’ and ‘pass it along’. These are just…


How Travel Nurses Can Protect Themselves From Bullying

travel nurse protect against bullying

Travel nursing seems so glamorous and adventurous, especially to newer, younger nurses who may not have the responsibilities of a family yet. In fact, I’ve talked with many aspiring nurses whose goal is to get their 1-2 years experience so they can travel across the country as a travel nurse.  And why not? Typically, travel nurses are paid well, their apartments and transportation are paid for and some agencies give their nurses a stipend for food….


How R-E-S-P-E-C-T Shows Up Differently in the Workplace

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone treated each other with respect in the workplace? Employees respecting each other no matter what the situation would certainly make it easier for the manager. So often I’ve heard managers say, “I just wish my employees would be respectful towards each other and respectful towards me!” Some even tell their employees, “That’s it. From now on you’re going to be respectful.” As a way to combat bullying and incivility, I…

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