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Bullying: A Hidden Virus in Healthcare

Numerous studies show the negative impact bullying and incivility have on individuals, healthcare organizations, and patients. Just like a virus, bullying and incivility spread, leaving pain and suffering along their path. Rosentein and O’Daniel reported 71% of nurses and physicians surveyed said there was a significant link between disruptive behaviors of professionals and medical errors. 27% believe incivility lead to a patient’s death. In an American Nurse Today survey, 59% said a patient verbally assaulted them. …


How Healthcare Executives Can Support Their Leaders Who Are Trying to Change Culture

An epidemic of bullying and incivility exists in healthcare that affects employee morale and turnover. Bullying also affects patient outcomes. The problem is that front line leaders do not always understand how to deal with the bad behavior of their employees, especially the employees who are so clinically competent. Therefore, they often do what’s comfortable – they do nothing.  As a result, we are hemorrhaging really great employees and harming the very patients whom we’re serving….


Using the Quadruple Aim as a Weapon to Eliminate Bullying & Burnout in Healthcare

Do you remember when medical care centered on the physician? When patients never questioned their treatment, couldn’t name the medications they were on (I take a pink pill in the morning, a blue pill at dinner…), and administration’s goal was to make the physicians happy; and when the nurses got up from their chairs to hand the physician the chart. Then came the shift – the shift from physician centric to patient centric healthcare. HCAHPS, patient…


Choosing the Wrong Friends May Be Dangerous to Your Career

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. Not only do we need food and shelter to survive, but we also need socialization. In fact, the National Institute on Aging reports that positive interactions can reduce the levels of Interleukin-6, an inflammatory factor, found with disorders like cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease.  But, what happens when those closest to you – your friends or clique – are negative and emotionally destructive? I…


Do You Train or Do You Fire?

For the last year, Janet wondered if she made the right decision by promoting one of her experienced nurses, Erik, into the assistant manager role. She selected Erik because he had a good relationship with the staff, was enrolled in a master’s program, and seemed to be very organized, which were a few of the reasons she thought he would do well in a leadership role. However, it wasn’t long before Janet started questioning her decision….

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