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How to Deal with Informal Leaders Who Undermine Your Authority

Informal leaders undermine authority

You’re the manager of a large surgical ICU. You have one assistant manager, 2 supervisors, and several charge nurses. When you meet with your leadership team, they all appear to be in agreement with initiatives, process improvement changes, etc. However, you suspect that one or more of your leaders are secretly undermining your authority. What’s the Problem? Your formal and informal leaders may be more influential than you are as the primary leader in your department….


What Leaders and Employees Can Do To Eradicate Bullying in Healthcare

There is an epidemic of bullying and incivility in healthcare, and it has to change. It not only affects morale and retention, but it also affects patient outcomes. A new nurse shared that she was really overwhelmed and stressed with patient care. It was one of those days when she was struggling just to deliver the minimum care required of her patients. While running from room to room, she walked passed an experienced nurse who said,…


5 Strategies to Protect Yourself from Retaliation When You Confront a Bully

Bullying and incivility in healthcare are problems. We’ve ALL heard the phrase “nurses eat their young” yet bad behavior continues. Why? Dealing with human behavior versus clinical performance isn’t simple. It’s much easier to tell a coworker he needs to work on his IV insertion skills versus that he needs to treat you with respect. It’s not intuitive to be able to address bad behavior. Ending workplace bullying is difficult at best. But the complexity of…


Bullying: A Hidden Virus in Healthcare

Numerous studies show the negative impact bullying and incivility have on individuals, healthcare organizations, and patients. Just like a virus, bullying and incivility spread, leaving pain and suffering along their path. Rosentein and O’Daniel reported 71% of nurses and physicians surveyed said there was a significant link between disruptive behaviors of professionals and medical errors. 27% believe incivility lead to a patient’s death. In an American Nurse Today survey, 59% said a patient verbally assaulted them. …


How Healthcare Executives Can Support Their Leaders Who Are Trying to Change Culture

An epidemic of bullying and incivility exists in healthcare that affects employee morale and turnover. Bullying also affects patient outcomes. The problem is that front line leaders do not always understand how to deal with the bad behavior of their employees, especially the employees who are so clinically competent. Therefore, they often do what’s comfortable – they do nothing.  As a result, we are hemorrhaging really great employees and harming the very patients whom we’re serving….

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