Author: Trisha Fronczek


7 Tips to Help You Adapt to Change

Change. Back to school brings big change at our home. Back into routine, back into early mornings, back into last minute outfit changes, and back to quick sneaker double knots and running out the door to catch the bus. Anyone else experiencing this change right now?   Maybe you aren’t experiencing the back to school routine changes, but perhaps a change in schedule, change in a relationship or maybe a change in job responsibilities. Change, whether good or bad, requires adaptation. This adaptation takes energy and can cause physical and…


Nine Promises to Your Coworkers

As seasons change, I find myself making promises of things I want to do and accomplish. Yesterday, when I looked at the calendar, I started to panic realizing it is already the end of July. What have I accomplished at work and at home? Where have I traveled? I scan through social media postings and think, “Wow, they are having fun!” Well, I am, too! Maybe even more fun! However, I, along with everyone else, tend…


11 Ways to Celebrate your Coworkers

At the Healthy Workforce Institute, we spend a lot of our time talking and writing about bullying and incivility, but let’s take a time-out from all of that! Let’s talk about celebrating those glorious, wonderful coworkers who deserve to be recognized. Yes, I am referring to the nurses and members of the multidisciplinary team who make every day a treat. When you can’t find a pen, they are beside you are offering three.  When you need…

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