4 Creative Ways to Thank a Nurse This Thanksgiving!

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving week is already here?! Although I’m surprised how quickly it’s arrived, I’m not surprised by all the things we have to be thankful for this year!

Like many of you reading this, one of the things I’m the most grateful for are all the great nurses whom I’ve met over the years. Nurses who inspire others through their service and sacrifice. Nurses who demonstrate strength and courage during life and death situations. Nurses who while saving someone’s life with one hand uses the other to comfort someone in need. Nurses who come into work every day KNOWING that they have to make decisions based on what’s best for patients – not themselves.

For you and all of the current and future nurses out there – the world is grateful. 

Which is why I thought it would be fun to go over a few fun and creative ways to thank that special nurse in your life. Whether it’s a boss, employee, co-worker, or someone who has taken care of you or your family this season, they’re sure to be thrilled you chose to show your appreciation with any of these thoughtful gifts!


What better gift could you give than kindness?! Especially around such a busy – and often stressful – time of the year.

Let that special nurse (or nurse team) know just how great you think they are by printing out these cards with encouraging messages on them. Leave them on their desk, put them on their lockers, or hang them around the nurses station as a fun and uplifting way to say “I’m thankful for you!”

Click the image below for the free printable!


Pinterest is overflowing with creative ways to serve up everything from candy bars to gummy bears, which is great when you’re pinched on time, but why not plan ahead and make it more personal?

Bake a batch of healthy banana bread or one of my faves – chocolate zucchini bread! Attach the sweet little printable below and voila! You have a nice thoughtful way to say thanks!

Click the image below for the free printable!



There’s something about hospitals that dries out every part of your body – especially our hands and lips! Help your favorite nurse fight off chapped lips with this great little DIY gift.

Click the image below for the free printable!

Make it more personal by adding a card that says why you’re thankful for them! You could easily swap this idea with a homemade body balm as well!


Show me a nurse who doesn’t like coffee and I’ll show you a nurse that can’t be trusted! I’m kidding of course, but it’s no secret that most of us have a not-so-healthy relationship with caffeine. If you have the time to mix up your own blend then go for it, but if not simply grab a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts gift card and put it together in a cute way that honors your favorite nurse while keeping her caffeinated!

Click the image below for the free printable!


I hope these ideas help you celebrate the awesome nurses in your life!

We all know they deserve it. As Mr. Rogers once told me (yes. I met him when he was a patient on my sister unit), “It’s a wonderful thing that you do.” 

With gratitude, 

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7 thoughts on “4 Creative Ways to Thank a Nurse This Thanksgiving!”

  1. Thank you Renee! So blessed to be on your amazing team. You and Ash are leaders who authentically lead…for which I am grateful. When you surround yourself with kind, genuine people beautiful things begin to happen in your life! Took me a lot of years to learn this valuable life lesson. I am grateful to the whole Healthy Workforce Institute Team and extended Healthy Workforce Institute families!! Have a blessed holiday, everyone.

    1. You’re awesome Cindy! And so right…it’s about surrounding yourself with the people who are your cheerleaders – not the doubters and squashers. We each have this one precious life. Let’s make it count by helping to make our world a better, kinder place!

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