3 Tips to Manage the Tsunami of Nursing Information

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Once upon a time, the only jobs you heard about were the ones in your city. Accessing nursing information was reliant upon your fact-finding skills at the library and getting an education required you to attend class in a physical classroom. The only way to keep up with the latest medical treatments and patient care innovations was to read articles in a physical journal or attend a live lecture.

Boy, have things changed.

Welcome to the information age.

Tips to Manage the Tsunami of Nursing Information

While you may feel inundated with the sheer volume of blog feeds, newsletters (like mine), and online education programs, you can’t afford to ignore them. New treatments and innovative technologies are happening as fast as spam floods your inbox. To keep up, you need to create a way to process and absorb the tsunami of information.

How can you keep up? The key is to learn how to organize and process.


You can’t expect to handle the gargantuan influx of information with 20-year-old strategies. You need to create new systems for yourself to organize information and then schedule dedicated time on your calendar to process.

Organize Emails

To manage emails, I created a folder in my inbox labeled “READ ME.” At the end of every day, I move all email newsletters, blogs and anything else I want to read from my inbox into this folder. I know it’s there and can access it when I have time (see ‘organize time’ below). The point is, I don’t let them pile up and overwhelm me. Instead, I store them in a specific place.

Organize Content

If you enjoy reading blogs and online periodicals, explore your app options. For instance, Pocket allows you to collect and organize all your findings online for later reading by clicking a “share” button, a dedicated Pocket email, or via your computer. Go to your Pocket app later to read your stockpile when it’s convenient for you.

Organize Time for Learning

Every Sunday morning, I spend 2 hours going through my “READ ME” folder. When the 2 hours is up, I delete all unread items. I know my limitations; I can’t possibly read EVERYTHING. I also know that I need to commit to continuous learning by structuring my time if I am going to continue to learn and grow. The key to this is to SCHEDULE time for learning on a calendar. Pick a time that works best for you.
As the late Jim Rohn said,

Formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune!

The key to a successful nursing career is a commitment to personal and professional development through continuous learning.

ReneeThompson_013_HRThanks so much for reading. Take care, be kind, and stay connected.


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