10 Practical Ways to Spread Positivity in the Workplace

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Are you working in a negative environment and want to be the one to step up or just want to spread a little positivity but you’re not sure where to start?

Let me help.

A recent study found that a positive work environment is the most important factor when calculating employee satisfaction. If you’re anything like me this news didn’t surprise you at all. A positive work environment not only benefits individual employees, but the business as a whole. It’s no secret that if people are happy where they work they’re more productive and less likely to make mistakes.

Just as negativity is contagious, so is positivity.

That’s why I’m going to give you ten practical ways to spread positivity in any workplace environment. Ready? Let’s get started!


Nothing brings people together like food, so what better way to spread a little positivity than something everyone can share on their break? Just make sure to skip the doughnuts and grab a bag of oranges instead. No one enjoys a mid-day sugar crash!


Has the charge nurse been extra supportive this week? Maybe you’ve been short staffed this week and one (or more) nurse took on more than her share of patients and responsibility like a rock star. Let them know about it! Create a space at the nurses’ station or in the break room for post-it notes with shout outs for all the great things your team has accomplished lately.


Did you know that plants have been shown to improve job satisfaction and raise productivity? I’ve been in offices where they’ve had several plants they tend to together as a team. One office even named each plant, which I thought added a fun element to their work day. “Hey Shirley, have you watered Lester today? He’s looking a little dehydrated.” Too funny!


This one seems comes up a lot, especially in nursing, but I’m not only talking about helping one another out because you’re a team and it’s your job. I mean helping someone when it’s not your job to do so. If someone drops something pick it up for them! If a co-worker loses something help them find it! A few moments of positive interaction can turn someone’s whole day around!


Most teams celebrate one another’s birthdays, but why not take it a step further? Throw a baby shower for that sweet mom-to-be down the hall. If someone is furthering their education, treat them to lunch when they do well on a big test. Showing interest in one another’s lives is not only a crucial part of creating a positive work environment, but also tons of fun!


I once saw a sidewalk by the employee entrance at a clinic covered in chalk writing that read “Awesome staff enter here!” I remember thinking how great it would be to start your day knowing you’re valued and being welcomed in with open arms.


How many times have you passed someone who looked great that day and didn’t say a word? Let’s squash that. If you love someone’s top or notice they’re new haircut; tell them so! Everyone enjoys a good compliment; just make sure it’s genuine.


Getting outside and getting your blood pumping can do wonders for a positive outlook! If you have a meeting with only one or two people, try making it a walking meeting. If the weather’s not ideal try desk exercises with a few of your co-workers on your break.


I realize this one seems cliché, but it’s a cliché for good reason! Research shows that smiling can lift our mood, as well as the moods of those around us. Each time you smile your brain throws a little feel-good party because you’re sending it a message that benefits your health and happiness. It’s science guys!


Have you seen all the fun small gifts of appreciation floating around on Pinterest lately? There are some truly excellent ideas out there that will spread positivity without breaking the bank!

I hope I’ve been successful in giving you a few ideas you can run with to make your workplace a better place to be! Another great way to spread positivity is my “Human by Birth, Hero by Choice” thank you cards. Pass them around to all the heroes at your company!

Thanks so much for reading!

Take care. Be kind. Stay connected.

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Table of Contents

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