#1 Common Characteristic in All Successful Humans (Nurses Too!)

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I study successful people and human behavior. I’m just fascinated by the different ways humans behave.  Think about it…How does someone who grew up in an orphanage or who was locked in a closet and fed dog food grow up to become a world humanitarian and great philanthropist? Versus someone who was born with all of the luxuries of life who turns out to be a psycho killer or drug dealer?

It’s fascinating.

After watching many documentaries, reading numerous books and articles; and just paying attention, I’ve identified the number 1 most commonly shared characteristic in EVERY successful human.

Successful people commit to personal development INDEPENDENT of what anyone else tells them to do; independent of their job description, whether or not it is required as part of an annual competency or if they are getting paid to do something.

Successful people commit to learning and growing because THEY want to. AND, they recognize that success has to come from an internal focus – not external.
If you pay a kid to read 12 books, he will. But he won’t read 13.
3 Strategies to incorporate continuous learning into your life
1.     Read – I read every day for 30 minutes. Every day. No excuses. I will go without food before I will go without my reading. Why? Because reading is more nourishing in the long run. Committing to reading changed my life! Reading enabled me to end a bad marriage, go to school to get my RN degree, and eventually, to start my own company.
2.     Learn with others – There is great synergy when 2 or more humans are learning together.  When you learn with others, it’s as if your brain processes the information quicker and more efficiently! Attend inservices, conferences, and seminars with other humans who value learning too.  Never go alone – always invite a friend to a learning event!
3.     Get involved – Nursing is NOT a swipe in and swipe out type of job. What makes successful nurses different than others is that they get it. To truly create a successful career and feel good about the work they do, they need to get involved. Join a professional nursing organization, participate on a committee or council, and seek opportunities to sit at decision-making tables. Why? Because by surrounding yourself with other people who “get it,” you will flood your brain with their knowledge too!
Remember, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more valuable you are – to yourself, your employers and to the world!
What are ways YOU incorporate continuous learning into YOUR life? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading. Take care and stay connected!


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